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CAR-B50 millimeter wave radar - Lane Change Assist (LCA)

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CAR-B50 millimeter wave radar is developed for lane change assist, which is capable of providing early warning of dangerous targets in the left and/or right lanes,This radar system contains Blind Spot Detection(BSD), Lane Change Assist( LCA), Door Open Warning(DOW), Active Overtaking Alarm(AOA), and Rear Cross Traffic Alert(RTCA). It can be used all day and all-weather due to unique ability to penetrate smoke, fog and dust.


1- Range Scope: CAR-B50 can detect targets far to 50m.

2- Alarm types: CAN communication and IO level output.

3- Comprehensive analysis and processing:Car CAN packet could be input to the radar for comprehensive analysis and processing, and finally output an alarm signal.

4- Alarm signals: include first-level alarm and second-level alarm.